Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big Bird Goes To China

Did you know that YouTube has anything and everything? You probably did. I did too, which is why I searched for Big Bird Goes to China. I remember watching it in school when I was a kid (did you know it came out in 1982?), and learning all sorts of interesting things. I though it was maybe 10, 15 minutes long, turns out there are over 7 segments! So we watched it yesterday, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. It had Barkley in it too. I hadn't seen Barkley in years! So they learned about the Great Wall, the glass chess board (fields of rice) and the Phoenix bird. After we did that, they worked on their Great Wall of Lego and we made Chinese food for supper, yummy broccoli with beef. And I found some chopsticks to eat with. That was interesting, as they aren't that easy for a five year old to use. Reading the book everyday I can see is a great benefit, because now James knows some of the words and phrases. Next up: I'll be trying to find out how to write their names in Chinese. That'll be a fun craft!

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